Village Springs Water

Village Springs Corporation got its start in January 1989. The new company began bottling operations of one gallon bottles in a 1,100 square foot facility located at the spring source. The bottled water company, Village Springs, was named and started by six family members. Robert Cassells, his wife Pat, daughter and son-in-law, Christine and Rob Stetson, and his two sons Bob Jr. and Sean.

The spring source for Village Springs includes three real springs. The label for Village Springs includes a scenic view of South Willington and the spring which is still used today. The spring source was discovered in 1840 and developed to gravity feed the Village of South Willington, CT as a public water supply.

Today the company has grown into a thriving business producing trailer loads of  8oz, 12oz, 16.9oz, 24oz, 33oz, 1 gallon, 3 gallons and 5 gallons bottles spring water products. All these packages are available in the Village Springs label or with your own private label. Village Springs bottles private labels for various convenience stores, grocery stores, and has many distributors that offer home delivery. Village Springs preserves the heritage and personality of the business. The springs are still used as a water supply for the Village of South Willington and Village Springs still remains family owned and operated.

Our Spring source is located right at our bottling facility, and includes three “real springs” as certified by New York, Connecticut, New Jersey and all other New England States. A real spring means the water flows naturally to the surface-There is no pumping or drilling, just mother nature’s magic.

Today we are still striving to preserve the heritage and personality of our business. Our label features a vintage view of South Willington, Connecticut as it was in 1860 and the Village Springs Companies are still family owned and operated. All Village Springs Products proudly display the “Connecticut Grown Seal”, your assurance of quality.

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